Amusement Parks

Perfect Children's Entertainment

Family trips in the sun have remained among the most favoured types of holiday making, and Spain definitely has a lot to offer when it comes to children’s entertainment, as it is home to a child-oriented society. Particularly favoured, enthralling amusement parks can be found all over Spain, centred on various exciting themes.

One of the most comprehensive is The Magic Island or La Isla Magica in Seville, which offers all age groups a broad and diverse array of entertainment, comprising water rides, a giant inverted rollercoaster and special effects cinemas. The most visited park in Spain and one of the most visited in Europe remains Port Aventura, located in Salou, in the autonomous community of Catalonia. Aside from incorporating many innovative rides, it creates a unique décor as well, by replicating sceneries from various geographical areas of the world.

Attractions in the Feria de Abril, Barcelona

Water parks, associated with warm weather and coastal locations, can be found in picturesque settings such as Tenerife, which is home to two, Siam Park and Aqualand. In fact, there are five Aqualand parks in Spain altogether, the other four being located in Gran Canaria, Mallorca and Andalusia.

Overall, the parks entice visitors to adrenalin-raising water rides such as vertical or twisted slides, river rafting adventures or wave pools. Siam Park is particularly famous for its wave pool as its waves are currently the highest compared to those generated by any other wave pool in the world. Special areas for smaller children are also available, in order to guarantee an unforgettable time for any multigenerational family.

Moreover, for a fun and educational adventure you won’t find anywhere else, you can visit Catalunya en Miniatura, a miniature park situated in Torrelles de Llobregat, near Barcelona. There you will see smaller replicas of various buildings deemed representative for the area, including the Sagrada Familia cathedral.

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