Music Festivals

Appeal to all tastes

Another important facet of a country’s tourist attractions is embodied by its cultural events of large foreign participation, such as music festivals. Few countries have managed to achieve and maintain a reputation as top festival destinations and Spain is one of them.

Events such as the FIB (Festival Internacional de Benicassim, which is includes a variety of genres such as pop, electronica and rock, complemented by other forms of artistic expression) unite tens of thousands of participants on a yearly basis, many of whom are tourists.

Spanish Guitar

If you’re fond of contemporary music genres, you should consider attending the Sonorama – Ribera Festival which takes place in Aranda de Duero in Castile and Leon, every August, and includes indie pop, electronic music and indie rock performances.

The Rocket Festival in Andalucía, held every spring, is evocative of British events such as Glastonbury and thus creates an undoubtedly enjoyable atmosphere for UK tourists.

Also featuring a fair number of prominent modern artists yearly, the San Miguel Primavera Sound in Barcelona, held in late spring or early summer, features above-mentioned genres plus a number of others such as alternative music, hip hop and dance.

Also, very popular with the young generation is Ibiza Rocks, held every summer in San Antonio, on the island of Ibiza, a renowned location for music, clubbing and partying.

Rock lovers, who are curious of the specifics of this genre in Spain, are also catered for, as they can attend Festimad in Madrid, an alternative rock event held yearly in late May.

And if you are looking for a Celtic music celebration, there are a few to choose from, such as the Interceltic Festival of Aviles in Asturias, an event also taking place in other countries with a Celtic cultural element, the Interceltic Festival of Morazo held in Galicia, or Ortigueira’s Festival of Celtic World, in Ortigueira, in the autonomous community of Galicia.

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