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Although notoriously turbulent, Spain’s religious history has left behind a vast number of epochal churches and cathedrals, many still in use today for religious services. Most places of worship in Spain are of Roman Catholic denomination, yet there are also Anglican ones, such as the Cathedral of the Redeemer, as well as Eastern Orthodox, such as the Cathedral of Apostle Andrew and St Dimitrios, both located in Madrid.

old cathedral from spain

Catholic cathedrals are of impressive beauty and often sizeable dimensions as well, in a characteristic manner. The most renowned would undoubtedly be an imposing church known as Sagrada Familia, located in Barcelona and built by a celebrated local architect, Antoni Gaudi, in gothic style.

Unfinished to this day, it is a perfect example of architectural audacity and painstaking detail, considered by some one of Spain’s most notable constructions of all times. Many other cathedrals were built in the same striking gothic style, such as those of Leon, Seville and Burgos.

Whereas certain prominent edifices were built in early modern or modern times, many others can be dated back to the Middle Ages, when religion was thought to be the main pillar of medieval Spain. For example, Valencia Cathedral dates back to the 13th century, whilst Barcelona Cathedral was built during the 14th and Granada Cathedral during the 15th.

Overall, it was a prolific era for daring designs and meticulous crafting, and as expected, each edifice has got a long and captivating history. Some are even controversial, such as Mezquita, the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba, which first changed its function from a pagan temple to a Visigoth church, for a mosque to be later built on its site and the building finally converted to a Roman Catholic church.

Regardless of the faith possessing moral rights to it, it certainly remains of great historical value and is listed as a World Heritage Site.

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