Open Air Sports & More

Although the main sport Spain is internationally celebrated for is football, there are many top rated sports facilities in intensely visited zones, where visitors can indulge in invigorating activities. Open air sports are particularly popular, such as horseback riding, which is very endeared in Andalusia and gives foreigners a taste of the true appeal of countryside life.

In Spain’s many mountainous regions, hiking can be delightfully combined, aside from sightseeing, with photography. It is equally favoured on the mainland, in areas such as Monte Calamorro, as well as on Spain’s numerous offshore territories, particularly Tenerife, where the highest mountain in Spain is located.

One of the best loved sports in Spain remains skiing, made possible by the many areas situated at high altitudes, such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Olympic stadium in Barcelona, SpainThere are 36 ski resorts in Spain altogether, renowned for their premier quality facilities and services as well as accessibility.

As well as skiing, these resorts offer optimal conditions for snowboarding and even feature special snowboarding trails.

In coastal regions, nautical sports are becoming increasingly prevalent.

If you visit southern Spain, particularly places such as Malaga or Puerto Marina, you will find a thrilling variety to explore, from wind surfing to sailing and skin diving.

Also, near Benalmadena, Malaga and other southern locations there are various golf courses, suiting those who are curious with regards to practicing this sport in a different type of climate.

Sports such as tennis, which has also developed indigenous variations, cycling and basketball, are becoming more prominent as well, for locals and visitors alike.

Given the recent rise of professional training in many sports with a previous history of amateurish participation, Spain has started to place more emphasis on competitions and increase its international relevance in various fields. If you happen to be in Spain during a major sporting competition, you definitely shouldn’t miss it.

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